Home Management Company in Kolkata


The buyer has to face various conflicts and confusion before buying a property. The situation can be complex for an NRI. An efficient home management company in Kolkata can help you here in multiple domains.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Property: 

Buying a property in any region is critical. Possessing a luxurious home in Kolkata is not an exception. Before buying any property, you have to consider many factors. Below we will discuss some significant factors that can influence a decision.

A Good Workplace Design: 

Workplace design is essential if you are interested in buying a property for office setup. A well-organized workplace will help them to enhance their productivity. The place should be airy and well-lit, with a sufficient number of windows and exit points.

Metro management, an efficient home management company in Kolkata, can provide you with properties like your dream setup.


Location is also an essential criterion before buying any property. We are well aware that you would prefer to avoid going to a location that is challenging to find. That is why your assistive home management company in India, metro management, find suitable properties for you. It is near the metro station. From there you can also avail of train or public transport.


Investing money as per your budget is a sign of a wise investor. For that, you can contact us. We will look through your requirements. Based on that, we will find your value-for-money property within your pre-defined budget.


Metro management will help you find the best property as per your need without fail. We have the expertise to differentiate the property bought as workstations or residential buildings. We provide options that will be the best for your ease and comfort.

Office Spaces: 

Have you ever thought about how much effort we put into choosing the right place for you? It is all because we successfully provide a compact property in a cordial environment. We understand that setup and environment are essential in choosing a workplace. That is why you can trust Metro Management as India’s best home management company.

A Special Service for NRIs: 

Being an NRI, all these hassles can be intensified. We understand that you can feel it is difficult, a headache, or time-consuming work. Moreover, some owners also hesitate to give property to an NRI. Our services as a home management company in Kolkata are also open for NRIs like you as a one-stop solution for all your problems.

Queries Related to Property Tax for NRIs: 

One thing that bothers the NRIs is the confusion related to taxes. It is the question of whether they have to pay extra tax when purchasing the property. Well, it is different from being a resident of India.

Every property will fall under the long-term capital game and the short-term capital game. You will have to pay 20% of taxes in the long term. In a short time, capital gain 30% tax rate will be deducted.

Sometimes one-time tax called Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) will also have to be paid to the government. As a home management company in Kolkata, we will let you know all the details about taxes if you are struggling with them.

Questions to Consider as a First-Time Buyer of Property: 


Metro management, the home management company in Kolkata, is liable to find a luxurious property within your budget. As a first-time buyer, we know you are concerned about the costs included. So after contacting metro management, you can handle its possibility.

Arrangement For a Loan: 

After thinking about the budget, another query comes to mind: arrangement for a loan and its down payment. A wise buyer always puts steps after thinking about every aspect. As a home management company in Kolkata, we can provide expert advice on that.

The Services We Provide:

The Best Property Within Your Budget: 

We consistently proclaimed that Metro management is in charge of giving you your ideal home. As a result, we are presenting the best rental facility on the market. We work hard to create an appropriate and powerful advertisement. Additionally, we want to maximize your benefit, which is one of the critical reasons we established ourselves as a home management company in India.

Time Management:

 Proper repairing and maintenance services could be your headache before buying a property, but not now. One of the most prominent reasons to hire us is our fast and quick services in the field of repair and management.

Finally, you are at the right place for metro management as a trustable home management company in India, where we resolve the issue of a cracked wall-to-plumber problem.

Reach out to us Anytime: 

Our home management Kolkata services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for your convenience. In Kolkata, we offer a one-of-a-kind NRI service.

It will help NRIs like you who need to contact your landlord anytime. You can rely on our dedicated team to handle any issue.

Hassle-Free About Taxes: 

Are you concerned about your rent? Do you have any questions about the legal process? Let us handle it. Metro management, the best home management company in India, is responsible for providing trouble-free service.

We have a legal team that handles legal issues. So you don’t have to worry about these administrative hassles, and you can relax and enjoy your new home.

Experience & Trust: 

Before investing, Metro management is the friend you can trust the most implicitly for home management in Kolkata. We serve as a bridge between you and the landlord and can address any problems that may develop before and after you purchase the property.

We don’t merely talk to each other on the phone and disappear. Our crew is prepared to assist you in any improbable circumstance.

Other Services We Provide: 

Selling and renting a place

Providing selection and a store under lease

Support for ownership

Management of Property Keys

Supports and resolves all property-related problems

Tenure Control

Rental-friendly Interior


We are open to your services 24×7. Come to us before purchasing any property and feel the difference. Our 360° service will satisfy you, which is what we do not just claim but deeply believe in.